Cooling Tower Performance

What should we do if the cooling tower is INEFFICIENT ?
Cooling tower is an important equipment for central air conditioning system to dissipate heat outward. Once there is a problem, even the refrigeration unit and heat pump effect is better, the refrigeration effect of the system is not good. Generally speaking, the main reasons for the poor peformance of the cooling tower can be summarized into five aspects. The details are as follows:
1. Cooling tower is too dirty:
It is known that the outlet that affects the heat emission of the cooling tower is the radiator, namely the filling, which is a very critical component. Generally small colding towers are using PVC filling, high temperature colding towers are using high temperature resistant filling. The purpose is to make the interface between air and water no longer affect the wind resistance, the greater the better, and the heat exchange rate will reach the maximum. The shape and height of the filling directly affect the heat dissipation effect of the filling, so we should avoid the damage of the filling as much as possible when installing the cooling tower to avoid the flow in the filling. If the filling fouling, breakage, lap, water can not form a film on the surface of the filling, it will inevitably affect the heat dissipation, need to replace the filling in time. For the closed circuit cooling tower, if in addition to the fouling on the filling, such as the fouling on the heat exchanger coil, it will be more serious, and the heat transfer effect will be greatly reduced due to the thickening of the outer wall of the coil.
2. The external ventilation of the cooling tower is not good:
That is, the poor external ventilation conditions of the cooling tower will cause the hot air to gather and form a "hot air lake".The high hot air cannot be discharged, accumulated and sunk, blocking the inhalation of external cold air. In serious cases, even the positive pressure of hot air is too high to return to the inside of the cooling tower, the effect can be imagined, and the cooling tower will even be damaged. This external condition is very important, and in the construction process of actual civil buildings, the electromechanical specialty is often in a relatively weak position, and the appearance of the facade of the building is often placed in the first place. In addition, considering the increased occlusion caused by sound insulation and noise reduction, it is often found that the buildings or structures around the roof cooling tower and the curtain wall are higher than the body of the cooling tower. Some super high-rise buildings pursuing the top shape are often 5-10m higher than the solid retaining wall of the cooling tower. Although the electromechanical personnel repeatedly require that a certain area of louver outlets be reserved, there are also many reasons such as too dense louver clearance(aesthetic requirements, after a long time, dust will clog the louver), the total area of the louver is too small, only one side louver is reserved, and not considering the natural wind direction(counterwind direction).
3. Insufficient air volume of cooling tower:
It refers to the insufficient internal ventilation of the cooling tower. The main reason is that in addition to the poor external ventilation conditions in Article 2 above, the internal factors are also worthy of attention. Usually the reason is that the calculation of fan air volume is not accurate in the design and selection, and the fan efficiency is low due to the improper selection of fan structure. The fan mainly accelerates the air flow in the tower and accelerates the heat exchange rate between air and water. The air volume of the fan is mainly the shape of the fan blade, the length and width of the blade and its own angle will affect the speed of the blade. Under certain conditions of air volume, the same type of cooling tower, the cooling effect of smaller water flow towers is better than the large water flow towers.
The fan takes away the heat and discharges into the air, and the air volume is insufficient, and the cooling effect is inevitably insufficient. Simple calculation of air volume, for counter-flow cooling tower, cross-sectional area(length x width) can be calculated first, then x 2.7, and then x 3600 to obtain the required air volume(m³/h).
4. Insufficient cooling water:
The performance is "the return water temperature is very low, but the central air conditioning is high temperature alarm". The water flow is small, resulting in no pressure of the nozzle, water does not open, flow down like a strand, unable to form a film on the filling,so it can not be cooled.
5. Uneven distribution of cooling tower water:
Usually because the nozzle inside the cooling tower is blocked or dropped, it will cause uneven distribution of water, which requires timely inspection, replacement and maintenance. Therefore, Yuanheng cooling tower has avoided these problems from these five aspects at the beginning of the design, with the characteristics of reliability and high efficiency.